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If you want cost-effective, energy-efficient and long-lasting roofs for all of your commercial buildings, Diekevers can deliver what you need.


Diekevers Roofing covers commercial buildings.

We can assist you with your business, school, store, shop, office, or manufacturing plant roofing.


Why choose us for commercial and industrial roofing?

Roofing specialists at Diekevers can recommend the kind of commercial roofing system that best fits your building needs. We know that you are concerned with energy efficiency, comfort, and cost. You’ll like our affordable roofing choices, colors, and features. Our well-trained installers handle all kinds of projects efficiently. Our customers range from big to small business, hotels, churches, schools, office buildings, restaurants factories, and shopping malls.


Choose from three different flat roofing systems

  • EPDM rubber roofing

  • TPO thermoplastic roofing

  • PVC roofing

Why should Diekevers install your roof?

As an authorized contractor, Diekevers can assure you of superior craftsmanship, along with a warranty on your roofing material. Diekevers capable team will install your roof professionally and precisely. Your new roof will meet your exact specifications, leaving you leak-free, warm and worry-free. You can depend on us to keep your property covered. You can also call us for efficient snow and ice removal services.


Make sure your roofing job is done right!

Let Diekevers install your roofing for affordable, long-lasting and energy-efficient buildings. Our professional roofers are trained to handle commercial installation of all kinds. We're licensed and insured to provide the high-quality service you deserve.


Contact us for an estimate today:

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Call: 616-452-3263

Call Toll Free: 800-442-1241

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