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Why choose EPDM rubber roofing for your buildings?


EPDM rubber roofing is ideal for irregular-shaped homes or businesses, steeply-sloped roofs, and other unusual construction. No matter the shape of your buildings, Mule-Hide offers standard and premium warranties on its roof membranes. Since Mule-Hide manufactures its products under strict quality controls, Diekevers’ customers can depend on their new roofs for years to come.


Make sure your roofing job is done right!


Let Diekevers install your Mule-Hide rubber roofing for long-lasting durability and strength. Our professional roofers are trained to handle the installation of rubber roofing. We're licensed and insured to provide the high-quality service you deserve.


Contact us for an estimate today: Call: 616-452-3263.  Call Toll Free: 800-442-1241

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