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If you’re looking for high-quality workmanship and superior roof materials for home, business, school or office buildings, Diekevers has just what you need.


Diekevers carries Mule-Hide products known for its dedication to strict quality standards.


  • Affordable durability

  • Trusted thermoplastic

  • Top quality reliability

  • Weather resistant

  • Heat resistant

  • UV light safe

  • Ozone safe

  • Variety of colors

  • Warranted

  • Solutions support

Why do some customers want Mule-Hide roofs?

These watertight roofs are strong, flexible and resistant to cracking or splitting. They are the perfect solution for Michigan’s unpredictable, up-and-down weather conditions.



Why should Diekevers install your new Mule-Hide roof?

Diekevers Roofing is dedicated to doing the highest quality work with the best products and materials on the market.  Our installation crew is trained by Mule-Hide to install their products perfectly, ensuring Mule Hide’s specifications, warranty program, and code approvals.

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